Zolfagharian Payam
Payam Zolfagharian is TaurusBull's technical analyst. He entered the FX market in early 2013. Having graduated from Securities & Exchange Organization with a degree in Technical Analysis of Stock Trends and Fundamental Analysis of Stock Trends.
Zolfagharian Payam
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3 Of The Best Traders Alive
The Best Traders Alive
Paul Tudor Jones
The founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, a $12 billion hedge fund, Paul Tudor Jones made his fortune shorting the 1987 stock market crash. Jones was able to predict the multiplying effect that portfolio insurance would have on a bear market. Portfolio insurance, a popular risk management tool, involves buying index puts to lower one's portfolio risk. Thus, in a bear market, more and more investors will choose to employ their put options and drive the market down even further. Jones' bet paid off big: on Black Monday of 1987, he was able to triple his capital from his short positions. Jones is worth roughly $3.6 billion today and is currently managing his hedge fund.
The Best Traders Alive
George Soros
George Soros is arguably the most well-known trader in the history of the business, known as "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England." In 1992, Soros made roughly $1 billion in a bet that the British pound would depreciate in value. At the time, the pound had been introduced into the European ERM rate - an exchange rate mechanism designed to keep its listed currencies within a set of defined parameters to increase systemic financial stability. With the help of his associates at his hedge fund, the Quantum Investment Fund, Soros noticed that the pound was not fundamentally strong enough to stay in the ERM, and built up a short position to the tune of $10 billion. Soros is currently worth an approximated $19 billion and is retired.
The Best Traders Alive
John Paulson
Praised by some for executing the "greatest trade ever," John Paulson made his fortune in 2007 by shorting the real estate market by way of the collateralized-debt obligation market. Paulson founded Paulson & Co. in 1994 and was relatively unknown on Wall Street - that is, up to the financial crisis that began in 2007. Foreseeing the asset bubble in real estate, Paulson's funds made a reported $15 billion in 2007, while Paulson himself pocketed a tidy $3.7 billion. For profiting stupendously while the global economy staggered, Paulson came under intense scrutiny of the U.S. federal government during this time. Today, Paulson continues to manage Paulson & Co. and is worth roughly $11 billion.

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